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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost new riders and Kamen Rider Heart & Mach Chaser forms

Sources: Tokunation

With Kamen Rider Ghost ending soon we have a few last minute rider suits with Sage transforming into Kamen Rider Xtremer and he uses the Xtremer Driver, and also Alain sister Alla will also transform into Kamen Rider Dark Necrom Pink. and yah both suits look like reuses with Pink Necrom just being another dark Necrom re color and Xtremer the Gaim letax suit. And all of which is all because of Amazons using up all of the shows design budget to make the Amazon suits. I am very worry next year with I believe Amazons 2 and I really do hope Toei do not go a head and use all of Ex-Aid's money to fun Kamen Rider Ow The Edge season 2 like before. If so then that is really shit management for your shows, 

Sources: Tokunation

Because I did not wanted to do a very quick post I deiced to add this in as well. Kamen Rider Drives Mach and Heart new Rider forms are reviled in new Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2. These pictures with Kamen Rider Heart and Kamen Rider Mach Chaser, mach design is is ok with just adding blue and Heart is ok with it mostly being reuse of Drive type Tridron, and again me thinks most of the budget for suits for this Drive Saga 2 went to Ow The Edge.

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