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Monday, December 1, 2014

possable Ninninjer suites Revealed?

Sources TokuNation
First off Happy Holidays, 2nd with it being December and the Holiday season means (THANKFULY!) ToQGer will end soon, and it also means that we will be getting the newest Sentai Suites, there was a fake link a while back but it was confirmed false, and a catalog tease these images and my thoughts on them, OK but sewer look a bit like Knock Offs (BETTER THEN TOQGER THAT'S FOR SURE). The color scheme for rangers this time is Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink , white and pink being both girls instering that has not been done by the showa Sentais and we already have a look at their sword. Updates will happen to confirmed this or denied this suites being legitimacy real.