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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kamen Rider Ghost new toys 7-25-15

GHOST IS OVERKILLING THE FORMS, it is like more then any in the past, it is more then both OOO and Fourze combine tougher

Sources Tokunation
These forms are Souls , yellow is Ghost Edison Soul which gives  ghost electrical powers, blue is  Ghost Newton Soul it gives Ghost gravitational powers and boxing gloves to channel them through, finally Red is Ghost Musashi Soul A samurai which makes the Gangan Saber split into 2 katana.
Sources Tokunation

Here are the Figures of the Ghost figures called Ghost Change series and a list of all the GC listings
  • GC01 Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Soul (October) 3456 yen. Includes a basic Ghost body and his jacket accessory as well as the Gangan Saber.
  • GC02 Musashi Soul & Edison Soul set (October) 2700 yen. Includes both Soul “jackets” and 2 weapons, 1 for each.
  • GC03 Kamen Rider Spectre, Specter Soul (November) 3456 yen. Includes a basic Specter body and his jacket accessory as well as the Gangan Hand.
  • GC04 Robin Soul & Billy the Kid Soul set (November) 2808 yen. Includes both soul “jackest” and 3 weapons/accessories.
  • GC05 Tutankhamun Soul & Nobunaga Soul set (December) 2700 yen. Includes both Soul “jackets” and 2 weapons.
  • GC06 Beethoven Soul & Benkei Soul set (December) 2700 yen. Includes both Soul “jackets” and 2 weapons/accessories.
  • GCEX Movie Wars 2016 2-Pack. This set is one we don’t know much about yet other than it includes the same as the above sets, 2 soul jackets and 2 accessories. Presumably one for Ghost & one for Specter.
Sources Tokunation

The final thing to talk about Ghost is the return of the Gadgets figures called the Ghost Gadgets. the Gadget side kick has not been seen since Wizard the ones here are showed Condor Phone when combined with the Gangan Saber Ghost Robin Soul crossbow is formed
• Bat Clock (when combined for Ghost Billy Soul it forms a rifle… HA!)
• Cobra Mobile (it can be formed to make a sickle for Ghost Tutankhamen Soul form)
• Spider Lantern (this one is Kamen Rider Specters Gangan Hand and he uses it with the Tutankhamen Soul to make a hammer)
so much stuff from Ghost is here and the show will be here very soon enough, and will probably have more forms because I feel like Bandai and or Toei feel like how can they out do last year many forms.

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