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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yugioh DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS Trailer Break Down

A brand new trailer today was announce on Youtube for the upcoming Yugioh Dark Side of the Dimension movie coming next year and I wanted to do a breakdown of all that happens in it. The trailer begins with it looking like hydrographic in a pyramid/ tomb with sand coming down the words and then a shot of the melimum puzzle then next ups is a shot of Joey, Tea, Tristen and Bakura looking at something then a shot of someone’s back which is the new charter of the film who still have not been given a name yet. then an awesome shot of both Yugi and Kaiba with a proto type of the gazer from Zexal (now that being up so many community hick ups when we get to GX and 5D's) and a newer Ver. of the Duel disk. And then in the final shot is the re appearance of Yami Yugi. This trailer has me hype for this movie and I really can't wait to see it, and even more want it Dub in the U.S. I mean that would be so many types of awesome right there.

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