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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Figuarts Omnimon NEW RENEWAL!

Yes a very Brand new Ver. of the S.H. Figuarts Omnimon is being release soon and MAN THIS THING LOOKS ABSLOUTY GREAT! The original Omnimon was well it was not bad but was not great either and was healed with mixed results by reviewers. And now with a lot of other Figuarts Bandai is doing they are remaking the figure in a brand new mold and I’m just GUSHING ABOUT THIS THING. This figure has a more anime look compare to the old one with shading metallic paint and also no chrome. He will come with his Transcendent Sword/Grey Sword and Supreme Cannon/Garuru Cannon, a small figurine of both Tie and Matt (weird how both are translucent clear see through but whatever I guess) and finally what I think is the best part about this figure A CLOTH CAPE! Yah this is the first time ever a Figuart will ever come with a cloth cape and wow just wow (Imagine other Figuarts coming with cloth capes now). This thing will be release some time in 2016 for about $80.00 (which honestly I think this figure is justifiable for its price) this figure looks like so much time and care was put in this figure and GOD it just looks AMAZING and cannot stop praising on how good this looks and hope that it is good enough more more life in the Digimon Figuarts line.
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