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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Power Rangers SDCC 2015 Legacy Thunder Megazord finally shown + some more Dino Charge extras

Sources TokuNations
For what many people have been waiting forever is finally here the Legacy Thunder Megazord. And Gotta say it is AMAZING AND JUST LOOKS SO SPECTCULAR! it is all the correct colors and design and even have A CHIN (because not even Japan had a chain), and super Detailed epically when you look at the sword sheath now that is attention to detail the Legacy Megazord will be release in a TRU in January 2016 with the price TBA. Prices will tell if we will get a Tor and Serpentera.

Another new Legacy Item that will be release this year is the Legacy Blade Blaster. The legacy Blade blaster was heard of since the end of this year’s toy fair and now the physical thing exotics. Notable features is that it has a dark outline on some parts of the toy, a sicker that says Power Rangers, and finally chrome on the toy repents of its silver in the show. The toy will come out near the end of the year and price is TBA.
Sources TokuNation
I want to bring this up (because i can) the picture for this is the Slege figure and the Figure that was shown at toy fair and people did not like because the brown is very bright like mud brown but here it is a darker brown and is more of a proper looking color. And I wanted to talk about this because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE SLEGE, LIKE HE IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR DC VILLIAN, AND HE IS JUST A BADASS.
Sources TokuNation
the last thing to note about what did happen at SDCC for Power Rangers is the Chargers and just HOW MANY CHARGES THEIR ARE, there is so many variant chargers translucent, sparkly, inverted colors and just so many, and even some with the amber in the charger, notable chargers to mention are the Victory and Maximum chargers, the +1 charger for the Super Charge and a SD one which will stand for Super Charge. You can see all the charges from this video provided from RangerCrew.
The reason on why I decide to go ahead and do this early is because since there is not much Dino Charge toys I went ahead and decide to go and give an analyze of what happen. I could be wrong and new stuff will happen after this, BBBUUUUUTTTT I doubt it.
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