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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge episode 9-13 episode descriptions

Sources from RangerCrew

In just a short few weeks the return of Dino Charge will come back and we have the episode tittles and also the descriptions of episodes 9-13 episodes.

Episodes 9:
When Logic fails

Episodes 10:
The Royal Rangers

Episode 11
Koda and the Rangers battle to save an arrogant prince and the Gold Energem.

Episode 12
The Rangers must demonstrate their value to persuade their latest ally, the Gold Ranger, but find they do not have the willpower to do so when one of Sledge's monsters steals their courage.

Episode 13
A fun rivalry between Tyler and Ivan becomes a problem when it interferes with the efforts of the Rangers to find and defuse a bomb planted by Sledge's monsters.

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