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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dekaranger 10 year V-cinema old cast returning and new cast announce + plot

Sources JeFusion & TokuNation


Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger 10 Years After V-cinema (a V-cinema is the equivalent to a Direct to DVD in Japan) now gives us some new images in what will happen in this movie with Deka Red will have a new fire Swat uniform (which Bandai of Japan did make a toy of a fire morpher, but that was a special edition one) and a little plot as well with both Deka red and Deka Break  are back and are in a higher rank in the chain and even possibly in charge of the Tokkyou unit. Back after 10 years both the ad formation Ban (Deka Red) and Tetsu (Deka Break) are back and are in a higher rank in the chain with also the return of Houji Deka Blue, Jasmine Deka Yellow and finally Doggy Deka Master, also added to the cast are 2 new Dekarangers Neo Deka Red (played by Assam Asimov) & Neo Deka Yellow (played by Mugi Grafton) and what makes them Neo is that wehn then change onto their suits the swat fom is the defult form. also the Plot of the movie has been showned as well

"Something impossible, unconceivable. Doggie Krueger, DekaMaster, the respectable Boss of Space Police’s Earth Branch has become… a criminal ! Against such a threat, only one unit can fight, the Fire Squad !

Banban Akaza comes to Earth once more and finds out that all evidences are against his old mentor. This terrible news completely breaks the mind of the other Dekarangers but two new recruits join the ranks of Earth Branch. Assam as the new DekaRed and Mugi as the new DekaYellow.
A civilian witnessed something important about Doggie. Why didn’t he report it immediately to the police ? What is the truth behind these criminal actions ? Assemble, Dekarangers ! Only your hearts full of justice can resolve this impossible mystery !"

Is this an undercover mission for the boss or is it really true that he has become one of the bad guys? Only time will tell boys and girls!"
the Dekaranger movie will be release in October 7th of this year. dekaranger fans should be hyped to see all of these cast retueing, but yet no Deka Green of Deka Pink.

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