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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kamen Rider Golden Drive

Sources TokuNation

Kamen Rider Drive is ending soon enough and we are getting the final scans for the show and what is here for the final scans of the show and what is here in these final scans for the show? First to break the Ice with Medic and her Warp Shinka I MEAN Ultimate Evolution, but no what you all really want me to talk about. NO, NO, no, no, no you want me to talk about the golden Ver. of Drive. Well it involves Banno Tenjuro (the man who creates the Roidmudes) get a hold of an extra Drive Driver (which makes since actually since Krim dies a bit too often is all I'm saying) and he becomes Kamen Rider Drive Gold Drive think this form look really awesome, Black Gold and Red are 3 colors that always seems to work nicely tougher like Kiva Emperor, also on a side note whit this all yell ver. of Drive it reminds me of The Flash and Reverse Flash.
Next up is Mach (Kinda) this Ver. of Mach is a mass production Ver. of Mach created by the Metro PD (which explains on why it looks rather cheap, bland, and overall just not very good looking at all) Instead of using a shift car or shift bike it uses a Tridoron Key. So with that the end of Drive is going to end soon and all of this stuff very exciting to see.
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