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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge returns August 29th

Sources TokuNation

in just 1 more month REPEAT 1 MORE MONTH Power Rangers Dino Charge will be back on TV form the long gap THAT IS SO FREAKIN STUPID IT MAKES NICK LOOK REALLY DUMB (but I will talk about my nick rant maybe for 1 day and will stop for now) and at this year’s SDCC we were given a video at the press conference which is brought to us by the reliable RaangerCew, a bunch of new stuff in the trailer like a few more new monster suits, the graphite ranger charger (and I think maybe Sledge has the charger as well) and the graphite Ranger. a text card came up as well saying "EVERY YHING WILL CHANGE" and then a shot of the gold ranger then the purple ranger  and then ending shots of the (bakuretsu kyoryuzin) no name Megazord name given as of yet and also the rangers in their super charge modes

After the press trailer was shown the rangers in their super dino charge modes are shown and I really just do not care for these modes, like so many levels of me not caring for these modes. The only way i would complement the neo Saban era having these modes is if ToQGer is adapted and they had this (and if not then WHY!?). SO HYPE for the return of dino charge and I can tell it is already doing to be awesome for it to return back from its break.

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