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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NInninger AkaNinger Chozetsu & Lion HaOh + Ninninger Movie

Souces TokuNation

With just barely 20 episodes in the show Ninninger we are already getting the final mecha for the show (I only say that it is the final mecha just because of how big the toy is) and the upgrade for the ranger. the upgrade armor from the Chozetsu Changer turning Akaninninger into  AkaNinger Chozetsu and I JUST DO NOT CARE FOR IT. I just do not care for it at all. and also with that new armor is also a new mecha called Lion HaOh and it is if fine for the most part, the basics for the body, but it loses me when you get to the hands it just looks like giant yellow boxing gloves (I again just do not care for it) also very small weapon.  Lion HaOh is protected by a mysterious human called Shishi who was the singer for Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger’s opening theme (one of the most MANLYEST THEME IN SUPER SENTAI, wich is sadly not the show at all).

and now for some movie news and that there is none, just what the main bad of the movie and Dinomaru (which like all Marus I just do not care for) and that is all on the movie, also the main bad for the movie looks like Gaim Kiwami arms.
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