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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kamen Rider Ghost first look at Reviled

Sources TokuNation

 The end of Kamen Rider Drive is very soon and we have here a possible what Kamen Rider Ghost looks like with his gimmick for the show. First off the thing about his motif is fashion is actually still true here with his Belt called the Ghost driver looking a reveled up piece of yarn and when he put the Eyecon (the gimmick of show) on the Driver a face shows up (GET IT EYECON) and when that happens a spite appears and then forms a jacket incasing his body and giving him his main look and it also may look like he will have a proto form added to him (both which reminds me of Den-O). looking at his design it reminds me of 2 things, 1. The Scarlet Spider just because of the hoodie, and 2. famiKamen Rider the fan creation by the late JewWario from YOU CAN PLAY THIS show, don't lie to yourself it kinda looks like it. I like the design, it just works and it is hardly we see a Kamen Ride with brown which was in Gaim the last time we had a Brown Rider, Orange and Brown is good look. Ghost will also have his Gangan Saber which will probably be a gun sword. Ghost will be airing in October which is will have a Halloween theme to it because it will air in October. 
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