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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ninninger final Mecha Gekiatsu Dai Oh

Source TokuNation
The final Mecha for the Ninninger is not a super-giant mecha (just like MMPR season 3/ Kakuranger, Lightspeed Rescue/ GoGoV, and S.P.D./ Dekaranger) comes the final mecha of the show called Gekiatsu Dai Oh. Gekiatsu Dai Ohis composed of 6 mecha HouhouMaru (Phoenix) controlled by Red, GenbuMaru (Turtle) controlled by Yellow, SeiryuuMaru (Dragon) controlled by Blue (no originality their), ByakkoMaru (White Tiger) controlled by White (oblivious is oblivious), PandaMaru (Panda) controlled by Pink, and the last one MagoiMaru (Black Carp) controlled by Star (this is not black what so ever). And it is sot ethically pleasing what so ever. It just looks like a mess a jot really all that goo looking (sourta like all the rest of the mecha in the show except for Shurikenjin) but this will somehow be more powerful than Shurikenjin because that is how final mecha goes in the show. Looking at the thing it looks like a bit like Geki Fire from GekiRanger, and the reason why because it is fire is because of Takaharu and his damn "I'm fired up" and O MY GOD JUST SHUT UP TAKAHARU YOUR SO ANNOYING I WANT TO SMACK YOUR FACE SO MUCH GGGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Any ways the final thing this toy can do is have a rocket launcher by turning the back of the gimmick. A thing to note is the Dragon "arm" (does not look like a arm what so ever) would totally look like it fit right in the Zord bike line for whenever Ninninger is adapte to the states (or a signal bike from Drive). Not a staler final looking mecha but
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