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Monday, December 7, 2015

first look at Jyuuoger suis and mecha

Sources Tokunation 

That was my first impressions when I woke up this morning (when a friend of mine tagged me and showed me the new scans for Jyuuoger) and I DO NOT LIKE THESE SUITS, LIKE AT ALL. My first thoughts were "hay a cool looking parody" but I was wrong this is not a parody this is real, this is VERY REAL. I mean the animals on their chest just look so realistic and detail it takes you out of the mind of Sentai and this is some parody done by someone then actual production like Toei. I mean That is my only nit pick about the suits because that is the only thing of note because the rest of the suits are horribly lazy in design, I mean sure the helmets are fine I like red but probably just for that orange for his visor, blue looks good with the added white for the helmet, yellow and white just blend into each other and hard to see the difference (also with these resolution it is hard to make out yellow and white) but Green is the worst one out of all of them just no it's a stupid helmet design.

We have the mecha for the show and, when did Lego start making Meazords? These Megazord designs are so blocky and lazy design you are basically playing with a. I mean this is on the same level a preschool toy is on, on 2nd thought I take that back because the Imaginext MMPR toys are a hell bunch more better in design then these DX toys from Bandai f Japan. Not going to go into detail on each individual zord because well it's to blurry and probably does not matter anyways since they all probably suck. but none of that could have ha surprise me for the most shocking thing of all


MY JAW JUST DROPPED TO THE GROWN WHEN I SAW THIS AND I REALLY DID HOPE THIS WAS A PAROIDY BECAUSE THIS MEGAZORD IS JUST SO LAZY IN DESIGN AND JUST SO BRIGHT, SO OBNIXOUS, SO UNINSPIED THAT (and same could be said for the suits really) THAT as of right now I don't know right now which is the worst design out of all of Super Sentai currently this or ToQger, and I said ToQger was the worst Sentai I currently seen of course until I saw more of Ninninger. I'm willing to keep an open mind on thing I mean Gaim is the best example but with current Sentai as of late with their red's being self centric assholes and poor quality into shows I... I just want a good Sentai again because the best Post Gokaiger Sentai is Digimon Tri.
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