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Monday, December 28, 2015

Kamen Rider Yongou Movie Review

Kamen Rider Taisen GP was well pretty much sucky and I would list off why that is but I said all my complaints about a million times at this point so who cares right? But in GP a major plot hole not restore in the movie was Gou death and instead of just like you know re writing he is alive since just about everything went back to normal they then make an extended long movie. OH YAH cause instead of doing something simple as that just make another movie to fix all the problems. I know sound like a smart ass right now but in all honesty this is a pretty good movie and would haply rewatch this movie anytime.

The movie begins with a recap in what happen in Kamen Rider GP and Gou is still dead (an on his Tomb plate it say he was born in 1996... I was born in 1996 that is the only reason why I bring that up). Snoski then wakes up and Kiriko call him with that he’s late to see the movies with her and but just then both Yuto and Takumi come in and then says he needs to come with them to fight Shocker because they are attacking the city. When they do arrive Gou also comes in and helps and then Gou dies and then time resets itself again, and repeat that 2 more times but replace the 3rd death with Snoski and that well the  First half of this movie done with. This is basically like the Edge of tomorrow (I went with that reference because I never seen groundhogs day and really liked Edge of tomorrow), but I gotta say how this first half done with things like the setup, the villains getting more powerful, and just how the charters interact is also a delight as well I mean just this 30 minutes is a lot more bearable and enjoyable how these charters interact with each other is great in general compare to well all other Taisen movies (except Z which I still say is the best Taisen film).

Part 2 begins with again Snoski waking up after dyeing and going after shocker again but now this time when Snoski died Gou now sees himself die from GP and more evidence of that is when Snoski clock says the weather and month is 4-4 it is the same for when Gou sees it as well die (I also find out this movie take place in April... I WAS BRN IN APRIL weird how weird also Gou does wear a shirt that says Arizona and I live in Arizona what does this mean?). After another death Time resets itself again and this time Yuto goes to find out what’s wrong and he finds out that this time line is corrupted and this time line also has Gou still alive and they simply can’t go back and change things because the Time alteration machine is still active and that is how Shocker is doing all of this. Earlier they were the team was getting spied on someone and that someone is Kaidou who then transforms into his Oriphnoic form and then gets away because Mach saves him and I’ll explain why latter.

After another death with Mach (Gou you die more times than both Kenny and Leomon combined tougher) and the whole team discuss on since Gou died he is the origin point on why Gou is still alive in this time line so Gou and the feelings for Gou death feeling form her sister is strong it is related to the time alternating machine, and then decides to kill himself but Takumi says don’t do it because think of your love one and how they might feel. So yah double edge sword do we just let Gou die and the time go back to normal or just let Gou Live and Shocker get more stronger and still letting time repeat but this is not the biggest problem they have the biggest problem they do have is Shocker’s ultimate plain is now in effect Kamen Rider Yongou. 

Kamen Rider Yongou while design is not the most pretest design ever does what it need to do and that look like a military and ready for combat looking design so for that I can commemorate the design of this suit. he also has the sky cyclone an air plane and even has flaps for flying like sky der, all we need for like is a Kamen Rider GoGo and him to be sea base, OH wait we already do his name is Kamen Rider Aqua, who no one either remembers and or care about. Yongou then comes in and defeats the other rider with ease and then Time reset itself again and now they don’t know what to do.

Part 3 is where things start to get more serious now with this day keep repeating a lot more times and the other Riders keep on losing to them and Shocker gets more powerful and the thing that pissed me off a bit bringing back more Dead Rider and that alone brings up a lot of questions and my only reason on why they did it was Toei was too cheap to make more Yongou suits but well That's Toei, what do you expect? Eventually they do find Shocker base and when they do find their base they are still at a disadvantage and even kidnaped Kiriko and Gou and then Kiriko decides to kill herself if it's the only way thing can truly go back to normal she does and again before I can call out women in refrigerators the time loop happens again and showing she is not the source of this and the source of this is Takumi. 

And now we get to what Kaidou stick in the whole movie and he felt like Takumi has had enough and wanted him to take a rest and deserve rest because of all of his trials he has faced and all the ones they both lost and that is why Kaidou is getting in the way, I may not like Faiz in general I mean my final post for the year is about me saying why I don’t like Faiz but I can appreciate this moment for what it is and how good this moment is. Takumi says screw it and they go to defeat Shocker and then the Good Riders defeat the dead Riders and Drive defeats Yongou and proving Drive is more what it takes to become a Kamen Rider then he is and Yongou is just a shocker Rider. Then Kaidou arrives once again to stop Takumi but then he then decides to kill Kaidou and then before Takumi can destroy the time alternating machine The Great Leader comes in and reviles himself that he is 

No it's Takumi because… well I don’t know why I mean I talked to people why and best I got was from  @Des_Shinta on Twitter why that is and he told me why is because quote “my best Guess is he’s always been a shoplifter, so he took Takumi’s form to use Signal Faiz to control the loops. As hay that’s a good, subtle reason for why Signal Faiz was following the Riders around the net movies; Data gathering. The origin of the signal Faiz at all and its anti-timeline-distortion ability though…that’s a plot hole, lease in GP” and that’s the best I got and also explaining the Signal Bike from this movie. And with that Takumi then shoot at the great leader.

And with that the movie ends with everything going back to normal like it was and Takumi not exciting in this time line and making Kamen Rider Faiz as a whole not exciting as a whole (until next year’s Taisen film that is)

Overall I give this a very strong 3.5/5
This was GOOD like a very enjoyable and fun to watch GOOD!
Thus really should be what the Taisen films should be for now on with everyone contributing something to the plot and their charter interaction. This honestly does feel like a breath of fresh air for once with this franchise that is contusing pissing me off but here it is DAMN enjoyable and you should watch it. I mean my real only complaint is like the Rider suits being use with no context on how they are revived and just there, and also still the Great leader and stuff. But other than that I found the story while slow at first really picks up fast, good charter chemistry and just glad to see something new in general. Come back next week when I give the final post of the year which is a rereview on my part on why Faiz suck so I will never talk about that Kamen Rider season ever again.

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