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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger toy scans 12-15-15

Sources Tokunation 

PPPPPFFFFF new and clearer toy scans for  for Jyuuouger has been showed today and more of nothing that pops out (toy that is because this is something really inserting to report). First the Changer for the morpher  Jyuuou Changer and it's not good it's a rubix's cube and cell phone tougher as a morpher with 3 mods henshin, shokan, gattai). But what is cool is it has these little figures which is a lot like B-Commander from Jukou B-Fighter which is cool but which the figures were painted and they were painted for the Jukou B-Fighter toys but that depends on their size. 

Next is the Jyuuou Buster which is a sword gun and yah bland and not doing it for me (do like the base of the gun is red white)

Jyuuou Eagle has a sword and i really like his, I KNOW ME SAYING SOMETHING POSITIVE. It's called the Eag Raiser and it's a sword whip and so far his is the best looking weapon their is so far.

The first of the Auxiliary is Jyuuou giraffe which can turn into a gun but nothing much else to say.

Cube Elephant meh...

 Cube Tiger (i see that the girl mecha form the crotch's for this season I am ok with this).

Now here we have Cube Gorilla and this is where things start to happen with the ranger suits because with this Jyuuou eagle can become Jyuuou Gorilla (which explains the rumors of this being a 3 men Sentai with also starting off with 6 rangers).

And combine tougher gorilla, tiger, and elephant dorm Jyuuou wild not bad but not my style. Better then first impressions but still this style is not my cup of tea but still hope the show is good in the end.

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