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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Digital-Ranger's top 5 problems with Kamen Rider Faiz

Hello everyone and happy last day of 2015 so happy new year’s people. Through the Entire month of December I've basically review everything Kamen Rider Faiz related from his movie the Yongou move (with also doing GP) and you are defiantly asking yourself why did you do this in the first place? Well to be frank after watching more Rider shows it made me really think that Faiz is just a sucky show in general and I really wished that I did not give it The X Virus Award Seal of Failure my first time reviewing it. So to make up for that I decide to do a little re review of Faiz and also cover what I’ve have had not seen of Faiz yet so I can basically never remember this show again. So with that out of the way here is Digital-Ranger's top 5 problems with Kamen Rider Faiz!

#5: The Production
I will keep this short and simple the production for this show is very screwy with like Kaixa phone having an Excise Charge it has the Kaixa belt noises and then later on in the show it has the Faiz belt sound, and on top of that the lines where they form Faiz suit making it too big for him is always off putting and you content have had done a better job than that like making the main actor put on the suit and then cut to the stunt men doing the fighting, I mean for real man. But whatever this is more nick pick on my part than anything else, not so much for everything else on this list. 

#4: The Villains
I know for a fact that a bunch of people love the Orphnoics from Faiz because they are basically like the X-men where it deals with prejudges and races stuff and they have a clear goal of world domination but still the villains are bad. More specifically Lucky Clover, they are built up to be the best and strongest of all of the Orphnoics of them all and the toughest challenges the heroes have to overcome right? Wrong. They are introduced way too early in the show like episode 11 and they are the main villains for the show and they are really not that strong or that inserting. I just sourta hate or annoyed with all the members and some of them being noteworthy. Mr. J was just there to die (and yes even in Toku the black guy always dies first), I hated Itsuro Takuma he like was a courted and annoying and just a pain to get through, Saeko Kageyama ok I'll give you this she was the best and probably the best out of all of them so fair enough you have 1 good one. And finally you have Kitazaki who I don't like or hate really he has always seemed weird and yah all I can say just weird. For as much as they are said to be the best in the show they really are not and just lack luster as hell. 

#3: the Writing/ the Story
This show is just so mean spited and just not fun, with everyone being mean and or a jerk to everyone it is hard to it is hard to root for someone (I’ll get more on the charters in a bit). This was heavy a Toshiki Inoue series which is why you have a bunch of things like women in refrigerators, everyone really is an asshole, and a crappy ending. I know People will point out things like this being the first season with the main hero being one of the monster for the first season but not really with 1 thing all the monsters taking the belt for themselves and 2 it technically happen in Kuuga with Godai turning into a Grongi. But what really Grind my Gears is that people who says that Faiz is Dark and Grimm and GRITTY, no just NO I mean something and be mature but using Dark, Grimm and Gritty, no just not that phrase is just no. epically living in a with with "GRIMM AND GRITTY REBOOTS" they always miss the point of being fun and what made the original so charming and ALWAYS SUCKING, ALWAYS.

#2: Kusaka
FUCK THIS BASTURED! Kusaka is a HORIBBLE charter which not even Faiz fan like him! He is a slime ball, a back stabber, a bigoted against the Orphnoics even when Kiba was a good guy and willing to help the others he did not like it and needless argument between both of them, always attacking anyone that get in his way between Mari and his relationship, the 1 sided stocker relationship that is almost on the same levels like TWLIGHT, WHEN I AM COMPARING WITHER THIS OR TWLIGHT ROMANCE IS THE SAME YOU KNOW SHIT GOT REAL (but to be honest I really don't know which is worst at the moment). The only good I can say about him is that HE DIES and that is all I can say, HELL EVEN THEN THAT COMES BACK AND PISSES ME OFF WITH FUCKING KAMEN RIDER TAISEN AND I WOULD STILL TAKE THIS SHOW OVER THAT PILE OF SHIT ANY DAY. And on top of all of that he is known as the Black Sheep of Kamen Rider Bottom line is I hate him and he is the 2nd most evilest charter in the #1 evilest charter is of course Captain Ryuuya from Timeranger who’s is still the more evil.

#1: the Charters
I don't like anyone, I just do not like anyone in this show, there is not a single person for me to like in this entire show, everyone is either to mean spirited, a asshole, just annoying that I just can’t like a single person. I just can’t live good examples because it would be really hard for me to do that since I would be repeating what I would say over and over I do not like anyone, they are annoying or an asshole or just down right mean spirited, I think the women get it the worst since a lot of them are just there to more the plot along for the men since vaginas are gross and stuff. I do mean it when I say this these are the worst charters in a show I have seen (the worst period is again Kamen Rider Taisen).

Final Verdict on Kamen Rider Faiz 3/10
This is not a good show

And as such I am giving Faiz the award it gets The X VirusAward Seal of Failure an award for the worst of the worst and must NEVER BE SEEN BY ANYONE!

I do not like Kamen Rider Faiz I just do not think is good at all from poor charters but if you do like then fine I understand maybe someone do like these charters, there is a bunch of good suit design, music is really great and some of the effects still hold strong today but I really do not want to re watch this show which was boring means spirited and just bad.

And now it is the end of 2015 and wow this was an good year, I review Kamen Rider Ryuki which was meh, Review Kamen Rider Blade which was fine with a amazing ending, Review Hurricanger which was good, review Timeranger which was amazing and probably my favorite if I didn't see Abaranger first. And 2016 will be my biggest year yet with it being the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider, the 40th anniversary of Super Sentai so as such I'm going ahead and reviewing some anniversary seasons of both franchises, and start something new.

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