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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pokemon V. Digimon Death Battle end results

.......... that is basically my responds when I saw this. So yes the age old discussion has finally ended and Digimon is the winner and I guess that it means that Digimon is superior to Digimon for now on right? Well as always it is a personal presences on what you like but stature wise Digimon is more powerful then Pokémon (epically putting one in a very mutilated manor that just breaks you inside). I enjoyed this battle not just the obvious Digimon one of course but also what they also brought up as well with like the relationships between Pokémon and Digimon with Pokémon being friendship and... slavery and also for Digimon friendship and equal footing, speaking of which my favorite part in the entire Death Battle was when Tai punches Red in the face and even giving him a black eye. So yah some additional notes the voice acting is really cool and it would be awesome if tri ever get dub they would use the guy who voiced Agumon and Tai (but I know that will never happens because modern Nickelodeonis basically the 2ndest evilest thing and must die, Link 1 and Link 2, and also Saban is real cheap as well) and also one of the voice actors did the music and you can listen to the sound track here. So over all a lot of fun and glad this finally put this debate to a rest, my only question now is when are we getting a battle between Guyver unit 1 and Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle?

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