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Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 Taisen movie



Quote from my Kamen Rider GP Review

"as I am writing this review 12-17-15 there are no new plains for a new Taisen movie planed any time soon but then again it could just be like FNAF and they could announce the next Taisen movie the very next day."

you are not miss reading that people the day I finished up writing my GP review I checked online and BAM a brand new Taisen filmed announce, reason on why I waited till now to finally post it is because I soul wanted to use the Some call me Johnny clip of FNAF 4 because Johnny totally called FNAF 4 would come out soon enough after he finish his video and same thing with me when I finish revising my GP review. NOW what makes this one have more questions to it is because we have had no word on it till this pass weekend and will be release in MARCH you heard me  MARCH which is like only 3-4 months to do so already this movie will suck on arrival and prove hat the only good Taisen film is Z which may have flaws is till worth watching over the other crap Toei keep doing. celebrating the 45th anniversary of Kaman Rider MY ASS, if GP was like let's go Kamen Rider then maybe this one will be like the first Taisen film at the very lease. but that is too much I'm asking for and with no doubt suck no matter what, but at lease have 1 thing going for it in that it is still not FUCKING KAMEN RIDER TAISEN (seriously WHY do you like it and at this point I'm asking
legitimately on WHY that is no BS or anything  I am asking on WHY THAT IS). And another good I can say is that I have a good idea for Decembers

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