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Friday, December 11, 2015

Kamen Rider Ghost DX Eyecon Driver G and Kamen Rider Necrom Suit reviled

Sources Tokunation 
Kamen Rider Ghost Eyecon Driver G
This is something inserting and a first might I add a Kamen Rider get a new belt when in final form. Kamen Rider Ghost get's a new belt when he goes his final form Graceful Damashii which is a giant Ghost Eyecon and will use all the powers of the other 15 Damashii's which is nothing new with other series like Kamen Rider Drive and all the Shift cars for Type Tridron, or Gaim Kiwami arms with the other arms,or Kamen Rider (point is this is done before and now a continuing trope to Kamen Rider now). Ghost is moving very fast with it's toys and Gimmicks and we have Yet to see Specter with his 
super form the Houdini Damashii and I really want to know how this will all play out next year since Ghost is doing something different with just shoving all the toys out of the way first and then plot for the rest of the show which is cool.


We finally have a Image of Kamen Rider Necrom, Necrom Design looks happy, that smile to me just shouts happy with the mouth piece and the way the eyes are posed it shouts happy. Healso looks a bit like Ghost with the 1 horn (would have had made more seance with 3 horns) and a bit more mechanic and also looks a bit more like Ghost Logo. Necrom looks like Ghost and Specter and still have a bit of uniqueness to him, excited next year to see him in Ghost. 

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