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Monday, December 14, 2015

Kamen Rider Faiz The movie: Paradise Lost Review

Yup I'm back people talking about Faiz again, and I'm not happy about it either people because on top of not liking the show I also do not like talking about it in general because just in general Faiz always put me in a bad mood but I digress. So were talking about the Faiz Paradise lost and Parades Lost refers to a 10 book poem about (getting the info on here) “Its subject is the Fall of Man; it also tells the stories of the rebellion and punishment of Satan and the creation of Adam and Eve. Milton declares that his aim in the poem is “to justify the ways of God to men.” I have not read the poem so if I’m missing some religious meaning or something like that in this film please let me know for I'm not that much of a religious guy in the first place. And also on the top of things since this is a The Toshiki Drinking game here are your rules, get your shot glass and get ready to feel sick in the morning.

The movie begins with Smart Brain members delivering stuff but they are really a resistance movement against Smart Brain led by a guy names Mizuhara and Take a Shot he’s an asshole but I'll explain that latter. The reason why they are attacking Smart Brain is because they have had created 2 new drivers and these 2 new belts will granite Smart Brain a win which is why the resistance is attacking Smart Brain. But it does not go well with Smart Brain prepare themselves and have Orphnoch's on stand by and they kill the intruders, that is until Kusaka comes in and saves one him and yes Kusaka is our "hero" because this movie is a what if movie. And this is a “What if the Orphnoch's were in control of the world instead of the humans” which I admit I'm a sucker for what if stories, in fact I even own the “What If the Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man?”

Back at the resistance base (with Mari as the lead of the resistance) with them being bummed out that their attack was a failure and what’s worst is that they do not have Takumi anymore because in a flash back he was taken by the Rio Troopers (now The Rio troopers were the first time we would ever have mas produce army riders). Kusaka comes back and support Mari with him going as so far as to say he is her Savior, but she has none of it and just push him aside, and you would not believe how much I laugh when I Saw that scene . then after that really not a lot happen, well I can sum up things like Takumi is with the resistance and also has amnesia Take a Shot and also the smart brain leader (who head is now in a jar for some reason) ask them to come back which is to just introduce a new movie exclusive rider.

Sometime in the morning the resistance base is attacked by Rio Troopers and the fight feels like it drags on for a while even though it's only 6 minutes long and is only saved with the appearance of 1 of our movie exclusive Rider Kamen Rider Psyga. Psyga is a unique rider for starters his suit is the only suite with white material instead of the others with black and also on his coloring, I love his color scheme, something about white, pink, and purple just looks so cool. The big thing about this guy is that he’s not played by a Japanese actor but played by a Taiwanese actor that speaks English and there’s even an inside joke when he says Henshin just like how an American would say it (that is a joke since we say Henshin differently then how Japanese would say it so that is why that is funny). But by far the best part about this guy is that he kills Kusaka, and we are only in the begging of the movie, already I like this guy (I hope you enjoy hell you bastard Kusaka, say hi to Captain Ryuya and Banno when you see them because I’m sure you all have 1 thing in common).

Later that night Mari organize a dance so every could come and cheer everyone up but no one has come because of the attack earlier today and only the amnesia Takumi comes to dance with Mari thinking that she is this other girl named Mina who has become Takumi "friend" and get into more that latter. Then they both start dancing to the music gazing into each other eyes deeply and emotionally at one another eyes and or at least that is what should have had happen since in the show that is how they acted to each other. The Rio troopers comes back in and the Takumi suddenly remembers who he is from bullshit writing and everyone savior has arrive which is what the resistance and Mari call him which everyone is happy about except for Mizuhara does not like this cauz he's an ass hole.

Mina sees this and is well heart broken when she saw him dancing with Marri Take a Shot and says that. We then learn that Mina explains that her father put the memories of her dyeing friend in to Takumi’s body so he can live again (boy who knew that this is where the Superior Spider Man originated from). Then Mizuhara comes in and thinking Takumi is not worthy of being Faiz and then steels the Faiz Driver and kills Mina Take a Shot and that is all Mina was in the movie motivation for Takumi to fight more so what was originally what was going to be sad is just a digesting taste in your mouth and just makes you full of anger and rage. But hey at lease Mizuhara get his comeuppance when he gets the belt try it on and false (Take a Shot) and then dies when Kiba helps get the belt back but then resistance members see that it looked like Kiba killed Mizuhara which then get them kicked out of the resistance base in the morning Take a shot.

Kiba with his super hearing miss understood Mari and he heared that she did wanted him kicked out Take a shot which gave Kiba a good idea to go ahead and steal the emperor bet to prove he is good. But the head of Smart Brain was (no pun intend) was 1 step ahead of them and unleash this giant Orphinoc which well if I'm being hones here CGI really does not look all that bad to be honest, and would go ever far as to say this is slightly better than most stuff done today.

And now we get to the scene that just REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS, when Yuka dies she does not die a normal death she is impaled by a bunch of spikes and then utterly crouched by the giant Orphnoic and then just show her like a helpless little girl Take a shot and then spit it out in disgust. . But hey Kaido dies (and that scene of him trying to get Yuka’s dead body is good I admit that) sill not all that better since he is one of the more likeable cast members is no dead, then Mari is reviled to have had done this all along except it was not just smart lady pretending to be her and so now Kiba hate all of humanity now again all because of a misunderstanding Take a shot.

Back at the resistance base Pysa take Mari and also I’ll cover this now Ketro becomes Kaixa Take a shot and well that has been like a C plot in this movie this entire time and un well it was well just use for subpar comedy at best, even more so when the Kaixa belt just is destroyed for no good reason at all just for a joke, BUT at least I get to finally root for someone wearing he Kaixa suit. Takumi goes to get Mari but is then stopped by Pysga but Takumi makes quick work him and his death is very anti climatic may I say, but then the crowd starts shouting Orga and Kiba coming in with now his new hatred for humanity and then Henshin into Kamen Rider Orga. 

Orga would have to be my favorite Rider design from Faiz I mean the look of it just shouts emperor, and now a fun fact about his head if you look at Kamen Rider Orga head it looks just like the crescent from the Dino Thruster from Abaranger, which ran the same year (I really which I was reviewing Abaranger again I like that show compare to Faiz, I like Abaranger).

Orga fight Faiz and while it looks like Orga is winning Takumi turns into his Orphnoic form and the same goes for Kiba as well and we get a pretty cool scene of them turning into their Orphnoic from then Human then finally Rider form and it is very cool I’m not gonna lie. Takumi then remembers that "OH SHIT I HAVE A FINAL FORM" which he then activates and turns into Faiz Blaster mode which again is sadly not my favorite modes I still don’t know why but I just do not like the mode. Faiz blaster defeats Orga and then goes after the giant Orphnoic and only really success in when Kiba helps out and then well...

Ok I have not touched this Elephant Zord in the room but I guess I shale touch I now. This year Kiba actor Masayuki Izumi sadly passed away this year at age 35, so yah it is really sad to see this scene and not about his death, the show treated him poorly and the same can even be said for him in real life as well, rest in peace Mr. Masayuki Izumi may happiness awaits you in the afterlife.

Anyways the movie ends with the head of Smart brain dyeing because he has failed and all the Orphnoics just letting Takumi and Mari leave even though they could all gang up on them and defeat them I mean or GOD sake Takumi is not even in Faiz suite and it just ends like just ends not on a high or low note it just ends Take a shot.

Overall I give Kamen Rider Faiz Paradise Lost a 2/5
If you’re a Faiz fan you will like this movie but if you’re not a Faiz and then you will not like this which is why I think I do not like this movie.

When you get down to it this movie is basically just like the show which has everything just like like the show with the double crossing, the douche bag charterers and, of course the bad writing. This it like having the best parts of the show in a movie and if you do like the movie then you surly like this but if you don’t like the show then you will not like this movie just like me. I do not completely hate it since Kusaka early on and Pysga is cool even though he hardly do that much.  Next week come back and I review Kamen Rider Taisen GP the lattest Taisenmovie there is

Additional shots
take 10 shots when the Faiz Riders Henshin 
take 4 shots for

Kazue Tsunogae, Kazumasa Taguchi, Taguchi Kazumasa, Kanji Tsuda, and Tsuyoshi Koyama making a cameo since they were in other shows that Inue did. 

Total shot tally XXV Shots

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