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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Digimon Tri Confessions Trailer

Sources: Foxy Gamer
Digimon Tri's Confession Trailer just appeared, I mean for sure with like the Digimon festival happening latter this year, BUT NOPE! it just happen like out of the blue and all of the sudden. and I am now here to talk about the new Tri Trailer because in this one their so much things will happen in this movie. 

The opening scene of this Trailer is both Patamon & Takeru tougher and we see infected.  

Next we come to a Shot of Greymon which is so and so by art in far away

BUT AMAZING UP CLOSE, also exactly how far can Greymon jump now exactly?

Now the Big money shot here is seeing Meicoomon in it's either Ultimate or Mega form which is a pretty cool form actually. I'm also calling it now it is Meicoomon's Ultimate form just because this looks more like armor then a complete form, Now if you look at Meicoomon's abbe/ crotch area it looks just like the Digimon Emperor's logo (may the theories of how Daemon could be Tri start NOW!)

Speaking of the Digimon Emperor we are now start to finally have something Zero 2 related with Ken's Digivice and D-Terminal, which is finally this movie is addressing Zero now. I mean at that point I think I can say for all of us were all getting annoyed that Zero 2 not getting reference with charters. 

And the last imporent shot of this trailer is the Digidestines opening up a gate to the Digital World, which means that we are going to go a head and seeing the Digital World again. 

now a some what Idea I have for what could happen in this movie is that after Meicoomon' come back again in the Human World he goes back through the Digital World and the rest follow him and then come back with I really hope a not dead Patamon (Seriously if Patamon dies again I'll lose it!) which is where they will then find Ken's Digivice and D-Terminal. I am really excited now since this Trailer has more inserting things in it then compare to the last movie which well made me feel empty inside and so did others feel the same. 

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