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Monday, September 30, 2013

S.H. Figuart Kamen Rider Garren & Red Rhombus Official release date

the Official images for Kamen Rider Garren and Red Rhombus have now been show, he is a Tamashii Nation web exclusive and release January 2014, he is 2940 Yen + his bike 6590 Yen = a total of 8400 Yen, $84.00 US Dollars. Garren is the 2nd rider in Blade and shares the same belt, his head is model after a Stag Beetle and he mostly a repaint of blade except the chest, shoulder pads, and heads. He comes with the Garren Rouzer, cards close hands, open hands hands for holding the Garren Rouzer, hands to hold cards, and the obvious his bike the Red Rhombus and hands to hold the bike. Come back for updates, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and have a nice day.