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Friday, September 13, 2013

2014 Sentai Rumors UPDATE 9/13/13

The 2014 Sentai is now different from the original post first it was going to be like Go-Onger as a animal face veachel theme. but now from what is going on is that it could be a rescue theme Sentai like Kyuukyuu Sentai GOGOFive and I am kinda ok with this just because Lightspeed Rescue is my favorite Power Rangers. and a new name for the sentai too, the new name is called Tokubou Sentai Kyuumeijya which translate to american says Special Protection Taskforce Life Savers. Here is also some info on what is on the internet so far 

  1. A further try at the "realistic look" attempted by Go-Busters, with show set up akin to Rescue Fire
  2. The number of rangers in the show will be 9, using the pun "Kyuumei" (Life Saving)  and "Kyu" (9)
  3. The 9 will be divided up into teams, like the Gouraiger in Hurricanger and Go-OnWings in Go-Onger
  4. There will be no main enemy, but a Rogues Gallery like Dekaranger
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