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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Digimon Adventure review

Warning this review will contain spoilers about the show and this my thoughts on the show so enjoy.
Digimon season is about 7 kids who goes to a summer camp until 1 day  a giant tile wave came and swept the children into the Digital World. You see during when Pokemon was at it peak in 1999 (before it became a horrible Anime) Saban Brands decide to bring Digimon to the US and a lot of people say that Digimon is a rip off of Pokemon. But I say it is not as they are 2 completely things but their thing similar about both shows like hey have MON at end of their name, they have children that have taming little monsters, they evolve into bigger monsters (but evolution is something that you adapt into the environment not growing 50 FT, getting 3 horns and breathing fire). with that out of the way let’s begin this review and see why Digimon is so popular.
Episode 1 And So it Begins: We are introduce to the Digidestines Tie, Matt, Izzy, Joe, Sora, Mini, and T.K.they are at a Summer camp and it snowing during the Summer for some weird reasons until a Giant titlewave comes and sends the kids into the Digital World. Tie awakes and and on top of him is koromon and the others soon join up and soon the kids meet the Digimon and tell them they are in the Digital world. Episode 2 The Birth of Greymon: Now in Episode 2 we learn that the kids got things called Digivices which are use to help the Digimon to Digivolve, and this is the First appearance of Greymon now Greymon is a Very Very popular Character that his is in every Digimon Season except for Season 3 and kainda season 4 but his name is use for season 4, I would be saying that Greymon is overrated for being in almost every season, BUT I am a Greymon fan. and this the plot for a while, a episode on one of the Digidestine and their Digimon Digivolves Lather, rinse and repeat. Episode 14  Departure For a New Continent: after the  Digidestines defeat Devimon they are greeted by a by a man named Jedai and he tells them that their was crest  that unlocks power. and we are introduce to the new villain  Etemon who is what if you fuse elvis, a monkey and tied a toy bear on his leag. Episode 20 The Earthquake of Metalgreymon: in this episode we see the true power of the crest can do they can turn a Digimon and Digivolve them into unlimited class and for Greymon and Garurumon they use CGI for their animation which does not hold up today. also when etemon is in his power up state it feels like a subtle reference to Akira (what you really need to know is that human fusing with meachen and becoming a monster a great example of it is South Park Episode “Trapper Keeper”) and it a bit funny since Joshua Seth was in Tetsuo in Akira and Tie in Digimon. and both Tai and Agumon are in another world and they the other Digidestines are separated and the plot from their is them getting tougher and the new villain  myotismon AND THE MOST ANNOYEST SIDEKICK EVER DEMIDEVIMON. Episode 37 Wizardmon's Gift: Gatomon (know as tailmon in the japanese version) was a sad story which i will not ruin for you and there was a 8th child Kari Tai’s sister and after myotismon had enough of the Digidestines he then decide to eradicate everyone on this world  and Wizardmon sacrifice himself to save Kari and Gatomon and Gatomon becomes Angewomon and kills myotismon but like all bosses you have to kill them a 2nd time and myotismon is revive a  venommyotismon. Episode 39 The Battle for Earth: now we learn that Tie and Mat from the Hidden power of their crest and it unlocks ultimate class and agumon becomes warp digivolve to Wargreymon (a fan favorite of your’s truly) and gabumon warp digivolve to metalgreymon (who is awesome in his own right) and they are super BADASS to and and powerful and and before they kill  venommyotismon he has a... a…. well you should see it for yourselves. and now the Digital world and earth are now going to be destroyed unless the Digidestines save the world. Episode 40 Enter the Dark Masters:  now the dark masters are a reference to the 4 heavenly kings here is a link to explain this to you and the new  villains are now  piedmon, metalseadramon, puppetmon, and the best one Machinedramon and plot is like this also later on  Etemon comes back to like Leomon can Digivolve into Saberleomon but dies, the real reason i brought this up is to say this O MY GOD they killed Leomon YOU BASTARDS. Episode 54   The Fate of Two Worlds: as a final episode this did end on a strong note, the first half is an all action and the 2nd half is more of a tearjerker and i will not spoil it for you but it is something sad.
Tie: Tie is the leader and he is a good leader. he is a bit headstrong but he overall a great guy and near the end he becomes a heartless person. he is voice by Joshua Seth who voice Takeshi form IGPX, and made a cameo in the spongebob movie.
Mat: Mat is the lone wolf and the solo type. he does care a lot for his brother T.K. and do whatever he can to save his brother. His personality does become EMO near the end but is a strong charter. He is voiced by Michael Reisz who was Keaven 11 in ben 10 and that guy Prank in The Batman.
Sora: Soan is a loving charter more proven that her crest has the crest of love. She is a bit like Tie, being players soccer and at times Sora could be a good leader as tie. she is voiced by  Colleen O'Shaughnessey who was Megaman in onimusha Blade Warriors and Angela in horton hears a Who ( a anime reference in a DR. Suse movie WHAT THE FA)
Izzy: Izzy is he the smart one of the gang and that is what izzy is most in the show but it is good how him and Tie play off each other. he is voiced by Mona Marshall who done a few of the women in South Park and hope one day a Digimon kills Kenny. and also Sakura in AH My Buddha
Joe: Joe is what i would describe as a stereotype of an Asian person. he wears glasses, always studying, and trying to be a Doctor, and in season 2 his kid looks like him. I am not being a racist but it things you realize as a adult. but he is also scared but he does become  braver near the end. he is voiced by Michael Lindsay who was terry in Outlaw Star and Kankuro in Naruto.  
Mini: Mini is the girly girl and complaints and is that. but near the end she stands up and take charge and her nick name is Princess Mini. she is voiced by Philece Sampler who was a germ in Invader Zim and Maria from Castlevania: Judgment (i don't play the game suck or not so i don't know if it’s bad or not.
T.K.& Kari: they are both on here because they are similar, they are the kids but not annoying and just cute. T.k. is voiced by  Wendee Lee who was Fey in Cowboy Bebop and Nefera de Nile in Monster High. and Kair is is voiced by Lara Jill Miller who was also Juniper Lee in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and Matsuri in Naruto.
Supporting Characters: the  Supporting Characters are the Digimon themselves. and they have one note personalities.

the Music is good but i can i have heard it before, doesn't help that in the american soundtrack is from Saban Mask Rider, but it is a solid soundtrack. Recommend Brave Heart, also put a picture of Kamen Rider Ryuki and it sounds like it is from Ryuki Soundtrack.
The Good
The Tone: the tone of Digimon comparing this to Pokemon Digimon can be consider a vaillant anime, it has the devil number 666, smoking, and tones of death that make you cry.

the Design of the Digimon: the Digimon looks cool, powerful, and some looks cute the best is Wargreymon.

the Charters: I do like the charters. they some are bland but yes I like how they play off each other, how they work with each other and they are like able.

The Bad
The Pasting: The pasting of Digimon is repetitive the Kids are in an new setting, a new villain/s appear team separates then reunites and finish off enemy and repeats it self.

Apocalymon: words can not Describe how much wasted potential he is. His design is awesome, he destroy the digimon crest. but he came in at the last second and all of his dialogue is stupid and you just have to see it for yourself. Maybe in the japan he is better

Final Verdict
This was a awesome anime. I was impress with with how good the story was, charters were handle, and the dark tone for a kids show. For recommendations I recommend any earlier seasons Pokemon. And not too recommend but Digimon Season 2. So i hope you enjoy the review, Come back for updates fallow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, and have a nice day.