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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Abaranger joins Zyuranger VS Kyoryuger?

As you may know already their is going to be a crossover between Zyurangers and Kyoryuger but now the Abarangers could join the crossover. Reiko Chiba (Ptera Ranger from Zyurangers) has now who say that the crossover in the first place has not yet confirmed the Abarangers cast has been offer by Toei to do a direct to DVD. I TOTALLY CALLED IT because Abarangers is also a Dinosaur theme sentai (SPOILERS Abarekiller DIE, but he was back in the Dekarangers VS Abarangers). speaking of which the latest the Abarangers cast has done, Abarered was the arms dopant from Kamen Rider W Abareyellow was in Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Abareblue & Abarekiller were in Gokaiger and I don't know what Abareblack has been in. Come back for updates fallow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, and have a nice day.