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Friday, September 20, 2013

S.H. Figurarts Mammoth Ranger and KyoryuGold coming 2014

2 new Tamashii web S.H. Figuarts exclusive has been announced  and they are Mammoth Ranger from Zyurangers and KyoryuGold from Kyoryuger. Mammoth Ranger will come with his Moth Breaker (Power Axe in MMPR) and this shows the weapons will combine to create the Howling Cannon (Power Blaster MMPR), I do wonder how Tamashii will release team finisher weapons probably exclusives. Mammoth Ranger will be release February 2014 for 3675 Yen, $36.00 US dollars.
KyoryuGold WOW IS IT ME BUT DOES KyoryuGold armes look mess up. Also it doesn't have the wings in the back of him so far it does come with the GaburiChanger. It will be release March 2014 for 3999 Yen, $40.00 US dollars.Come back for updates fallow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, and have a nice day.