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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Digimon Fusion Toy expectation 9/8/13

All pictures from Ranger crew 
A lot of things has happen and I wana get the important things out of the way. 1 The Digimon Fusion toys won't come out until SPRING 2014! 2 I have now seen what the Japanese Xros Wars toys look like and all the toys are remodels and not the japan toys. And 3 how far I came.
Fusion Loader 
The Fusion loader is this year Digivice, now I have seen the Bandai Asia version and suggest that you look that up. for this, I am still wondering about it. it still looks like a card holder, and I do want it to still be a electronic tiger electronic toy, but i hope I am wrong.
 Shoutmon Staff 
This is what I call this Shoutmon staff, this was never in Xros Wars this is a american made toy, just like the Samurai Mega Blade, the Ultra Dragon Chest Armor, and the various Kyoryuger toys when kyoryuger is adapted in power rangers. Now the back has the Fusion logo and the back has a purple blue color and this could be a awesome toy.

The ones I am talking about is Shoutmon Xros 4 and Metalgreymon (Xros Wars VER.) now I am calling out that theirs the $15.00 gimmick toys. Shoutmon Xros 4 could be the Armored Might figures out now and Metalgreymon could be a fire gun toy.

And these are the basic figures like the Digvolving toys on the odd season of Digimon seasons. and they all have hole and pegs so they could be a toy line that is a customizing toy line.
Mini Figures
All I can say just the Mini Figures.
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