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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

S.H. Figurarts KyoryuGold Official images

Bandai Premium Shop has put out official photos of KyoryuGold and will be release March 2014 for 39990 Yen, $40.00 US Dollars. This is the 6th Kyoryuger member of the team and WOW this figure does not looks right, I think it could use the Boukenger arms which is a OK figure, maybe it could be the shoulder pads are to high, he doesn't have his wings and the gut looks a bit odd, but the pro is the gold is bright and lovely the arms are molded to have the detail and the weapons are well detail enough. It comes with the Gaburechanger, the Zanthunder that opens, and the Kentrospiker first 2 parts the Fang Shot. Come back for updates, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and have a nice day.