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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Power Ranger Super Megaforce toys

pictures from TokuNation and Ranger Crew
Hello guy as you may or may not know Toy Fair 2014 was this weekend and today Toy Fair ends today. And I feel I should do an review what was shown their. Now let's talk about the elephant in the room, IE mean time to talk about the main thing that was talked about Toy Fair it was said that their was only going to be 60 Ranger Keys out of 150-160 Power Rangers. It said in this article that "There will be 60 different Ranger Keys sold in retail products, such as the Legendary Ranger Key Packs, Role Play, and Zord Builder products.  You can collect all of the retail Ranger Keys by only purchasing the Key Packs.  This number was heavily emphasized at the Booth, but I feel like it is the minimal count because this doesn’t accommodate the current Red Alien Ranger and the upcoming Red Female Samurai Ranger keys.  Red Alien Ranger key could be included in a Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger Key Pack.  We may be seeing Convention-specific Keys at upcoming events, such as San Diego Comic Con and Power Morphicon." and don't ask about the blind packs because it is not confirmed yet if their will still be any or not. I would complain more but their is a video that also have on how I feel
Legacy Toys 
Some of the Legacy toys their was the Dragonzord with no chrome (me assuming right now their might not be a chrome version because it looks like that in the picture and it may be less money, but me assuming now).
Legacy Titanus

The Legacy Titanus is finally shown and is a remold of the 2010 version that had that mix and morphing base remove (Thank you my christen GOD) and it is confirmed that the price is $200.00 Dollars. And also showing off here is the Legacy Ultrazord.   

Also some more stuff being release for the Legacy toys is Legacy figures. The Figures that were shown off was MMPR white and red with green Ranger shield and the box is done in old MMPR box.
Role Play

Silver Morpher
We start off the 6th ranger stuff and here is the Silver Spear (Gokai Spear) and it's just missing some silver and black paint not to terribly bad and also comes with the Samurai Green key. and also Silver Morpher which I am hopping (and might will) not have that Gear sound and good because it sucked for the Gokai Cellular, the Drago Timer and the Genesis Driver. And might come with the Super Megaforce silver Key (but no word on the Sold Mode key). and the best part it still have all the 6ht rangers on the key pad(but no Titanium Ranger).

what is next is the Gokai Galleon Buster with come with 2 of these disk thing which looks super genetic but safety rules for America. And it dose still look like japan version (excepted the sail with the sail and the holes in it) and will be coming with the Lightspeed Rescue Blue key.

the next armored Might figure is a no shocker with the Gold Mode armored with white on the faces, a good friend or a good twitter follower (I am bad at making friends) @JX36 said that it is support to be a shine for the helmets (and still no Titanium Ranger).
also another Retrofire to be rerelease is the Thundersaurus Megazord.


Here we have 5" Red Ranger Figure from MMPR-Megaforce with some 6th rangers like MMPR Green/ White, Zeo Gold, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Green Samurai Green, Omega Ranger, Samurai Gold, and Robo Knight.


 The Mini Zord (Furaimaru) arms is weird but I think the reason why is that is the key gimmick the Zord has, and still the figure still just looks weird. Also the combine mode was not shown at Toy Fair.

Pictures from TokuNation

The final one shown off is Turbo Falcon Megazord and it looks cool and dose look like the japan one, and you can still put the ranger key in the cock pit. And the cool part is you can make a Megazord from the pieces, and also make the Ultimate Legendary Megazord (Kanzen Gokaioh). I do that their was some other stuff shown off their but this is for official toys, also not sure if we will have another American made Zord like the Zeo Racer Zord, but they still could.
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