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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why is Go-Bustr is being skip and replace for kyoryuger

It was announce today from RangerCrew Youtube channel (here is the link to see it a logo that says "Power Ranger Dino Chargers" and this could indeed confirm that the next power Rangers adaption is not Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters but Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. and when this was announce I was like "WHAT" in fact that was a lot of people responses, I don't know if Haim Saban has any say on this or it is from the producers of something but I DO NOT AGREE WITH WAHT SO EVER. coming form a guy who do like Go-Buster and have not seen Kyoryuger I want to discuses why this is happing. 1 reason is Go-Buster itself because the ratings for Go-Busters was horrible and kyoryuger is getting a lot of love so that could be one reason. Another reason could because just like the show the toy sales the were horrible and Bandai of American sails could be horrible to since their was no gimmick for G0-Busters. Another one could be that Saban still want to have the MMPR feeling, which I think is why Samurai and Megaforce still have the MMPR opening theme, and of Couse is why since it is dinos this would be perfect. But if this dose happen then then I personally want Johnny Young Bosh to come back to be the mentor or voice Torin. I still am not ok with this but I just don't know how to feel now.      

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