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Monday, February 10, 2014

New Tokkyuger Scans 2-10-14

Pictures from TokuNation
This weekend (as of 2-10-14) is when the newest sentai, Ressha sentai Tokkyuger will air and their are already scans for the 6th Tokkyuger.
In this first scan we see the first picture for the 6th Tokkyuger and he is also the first official Orange ranger in Super Sentai history Display is his changer being a touch screen IPhone like device with a slider on it, called the Appli Changer with 4 buttons, an Call Button, Drill Ressha Button, Build Ressha Button and the Transformation Button. Also display is his weapon (no given yet) but is like Kamen Rider Accel's Engine Blade (where the back open up and you stick the (Gimmick of the year) train in) and also like Kyoryu gold zander thunder on how the lights work.


These scans have His Mecha called Diesel Oh which has a Diesel, Tank & Car Carrier, and combine with Tokkyu-Oh combines to creates Cho ToQ Oh
 in the final scan their is scans showing off some legendary trains which has Gabutyra from Kyoryuger, Go-Buster Ace from Go-Busters and legs pieces from the Denliner from Kamen Rider Den-O (which might mean their will be a Kamen Rider Den-O and Tokkyuger Crossover (and might I mean already saying their will be, because Den-O will Never Die).  And also some Kamen Rider Gaim scans that I already took a look at.
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