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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Digi-Ranger Blog : Update 2-1-14 Digimon Fusion Toy Reviews

For a while now Digimon Fusion Toys have been out and so far the they been receive with some pros about them, and also considering that they are all Bandai of American made, I say that because I am not one of those people who rip on Bandai of America like the people with the Power Ranger toys (in fact I do like the Power Rangers  Super Megaforce toys so far) I say that because the last time this happen for Digimon Tamers the Tamers toys were for most of them CRAP ( I have links to show you what I mean Gallantmon Toy,  Rapidmon Toy, Wargrowlmon Toy, Beelzemon Toy) and I might as well do the same to, because a few months ago on an old post I did say I would review Digimon Fusion Toys and I apologue for the delay.

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