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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Toy Review: Digimon Fusion Fusion Loader

The first thing up for reviewing is the Digimon Fusion Loader (known as the Xros Loader in Xros Wars) and this one is the different Digivice compare to the other Digivice and we will know why it is so different.

The Fusion Loader taken out of the box is model after a microphone when you look at it on the top and on the front you have it looks like an old MP3 player (because Fusion/ Xros wars had a music theme) and on the back it has the Fusion Fighters logo on the back. The main color is red and on the screen it has some Digimon albeit with green colors. on the left it is sopose to look like pipes, and on the right it has vents, last thing to note that it has a golden V on it. How you play with this toy is that it is like a touch screen like the K touch from Kamen Rider Decade or the Omni-Link Omnitrix from Ben 10.
For some size comparisons here it is with the current Power Rangers Morpher and the original Digivice.
 It comes with 5 cards Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Greymon, and Mail Birdramon. each of them has a product with a DF then number on them if your a completes on collection cards. and they have a shine to them with a rough edge on theme with numbers     
Shoutmon DF-004
 Ballistamon DF-014
 Dorulumon DF-017
Greymon DF-030
Mailbirdramon DF-038 
First you turn on the switch on the upper right side of it, when you put the card in what you do first is press the middle with the DF and then you press the numbers on the card, when you put in Shoutmon it dose say Shoutmon, and press the DF again and you put in Ballistamon and after you press it will then say "Digi Fuse" and give you Shoutmon X2 same with Dorulumon and the Drill cannon. the voice dose sound like Mikey or a Mikey sound alike. Sad that when you have Greymon and Mailbirdramon it is still Mikey and not Vic Mignogna doing the voice, I am also not sure if it is Melissa Fahn as Nene it just sound to high pitch to be her. You can also get sounds from just messing with it like Team Fusion Fighters, Team Blue Flare, Team Midnight and Legendary Digimon  I have a video to show you sounds.
Picture from
 alteration between this and the Xros Loader is first the Xros Loader is a darker red, you could raise up the top of the Xros Loader and on the Fusion Loader it is molded open, also the top had connecters to plug into another Xros Loader. on the sides with the pipes and vents it had translucent pieces. the wheel could turn and the buttons on the side could be press and in the middle to. The Xros Loader was slimmer and the Fusion Loader is more bigger. and finally the Xros Loader had a mini Game and the Fusion Loader had a touch screen.
Should You Buy This?
I say yes, if your a big fan of the Xros Wars DUB and you want a toy if it then yes, if your a big fan of Xros Wars but never got the Xros Loader then this is a nice substitute, and if your wanting a Digivice then this is worth the money. but if you want something more show accurate then the Xros Loader is for you, also I do recommend the Digimon Fusion Fighters app on Android and IOS. Some final notes. the Xros Loader also had a holster that you could buy, and if we get a blue version of this then I hope that it has Vic Mignogna.
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