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Monday, February 10, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge Marketing Poster & Q-Rex Megazord pictures

Pictures from RangerCrew

It was announce for all of us today the upcoming Power Rangers Dino Charge Poster. We also see that it is confirmed that Red, Black, and Green are boys which makes me think that besides Pink being a girl that maybe Blue could also be a Girl too. Because to be honest I want half of the team to be Boys and the other half to be girls, or at lease have 3 or the most 4 girls on the team.
Pictures from RangerCrew

Moving to toy news in a Bandai Germen toy catalog it shows more picture on the Q-Rex Megazord (American Goujyujin). this finally answers what many people have been questing " DOSE THE Q-REX MEGAZORD TRIPAL CHANGE?) and this finally answer yes, yes it can become a space drill, a dinosaur, and a robot (with a lot of paint missing may I say)

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