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Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Reactions: Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode 1 "Super Megaforce"

Picture from @RangerCrew
For me Megaforce was a good season, I know not many people like it as me but I thought it was a good season, it had a good villains like Vrak and Metal Allies, I think the charters were had good development, and overall I thought it was good. Now we are entering into the true anniversary season with Super Megaforce. The Episode begins with  introducing to our newest villains Prince Vekar (Vrak's Brother) an his other servants going over how good of a job taking over the world, back on earth we see on earth has been alienated with the mall and the school being trashed. we cut to the command cave and we see Jake and Gia wiped out and they even take off their helmets which is something cool when a ranger dose that (that would made samurai a little less crappy (and I do know other season did that like wild force I know) when all the rangers come back mostly batten up Gosei give the rangers their legendary morpher. And I'm like "WHEN DID GOSEI HAVE THOSE, DID HE PULL IT OUT OF HIS NONE EXTIC SHOWING ASS?" with no explication Gosei had the Legendry Morphers, it just comes out of no where (Also never explain why jakes key is green not black). when the next wave of X Borg the rangers go where they are attacking and the Rangers go Super Mega Mode,  the transformation for their Super Mega Mode is cool it still have them in their Megaforce mode and then dose a thing smellier to Gokaiger with the X and V with their color. after a fight scene later the Rangers can morph into older rangers using the statues on the wall and they can turn into Samurai and Mystic Force. After the first monster is destroy Vekar sends down another monster (which to me has always look like Vilgax from Ben 10) and once the Rangers defeated the monster again it grows huge and Gosei reviles again that he has Zords all this time. when everything goes back to normal with a possible love inters with Noah and in Mr. Burley office with a Dinosaure egg (any options for Dino Charger oar open) and I am surprise how the kids glad to be back at school because in my school they would be saying like "THEIR AN ALIEN INVASION WE SHOULD NOT BE IN SCHOOL" and the episode ends with Troy wondering where is Robo Knight is.
Overall I give "Super Megaforce" a 4/5, I thought was an excellent begging for this season. It did a  great job with the invasion and showing all the destruction, I like the Rangers Going Super Mega mode and seeing the older seasons fighting, it show being better with the writing. my main complant was with the where did the super Megaforce powers come from, and also some of the Dialog was just bad like Zero Two Digimon Bad.

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