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Monday, May 23, 2016

Chouriki Sentai Ohrange comming to DVD November

Sources: Tokunation
OhRanger Complete Series DVD Set
It has been announce by Shout Factory themselves that the 20th Super Sentai Chouriki Sentai Ohrange will be coming to DVD this November. Now in the begging of this year alone it was announce that we would get Ninja Sentai Kakuranger on DVD and just a few days after getting release to the general public Shout Factory is now saying they will be subbing the whole season of Ohranger now. this is pretty cool news I mean we are at the 4th adapted Sentai so far, I mean Imagination latter on if and when we get to Megaraner I mean that alone will surly keep this Super Sentai DVD's at steady float. Again this is just proving how good Shout Factory is.

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