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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Digimon Universe Applimonsters confirmed new Digimon season


SO yesterday it was rumored that we could get a new Digimon Anime and Video Game and the tittle was Digimon Universe Applimonsters. And today it is 100% confirmed now with this scan of this months V Jump magnetize that we are indeed getting a new Digimon Season. So far we are teased with a picture of a new Digimon (who is probably the main protagonist partner) who looks like a few Digimon like Hackmon or Caprimon just with red instead of silver or strangely enough Shoutmon with the horns. Now the name Applimonsters basically means App Monsters so this show will have a tie in App and would not be surprise if the Digivice for the show would be a phone (I HOPE NOT THO). This is proven more so with these app looking icons that look like a Digimon’s eye, a music app, a map app, a glove, a clock app, and a camera app.

this is pretty exciting news we are getting new Digimon season with another new Game and toys and it is coming soon enough this fall Anime season, this is some overwhelming news that's for sure.

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