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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Digimon Tamers 15th Anniversary D-Ark


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With the already announcement of a brand new Digimon season coming this fall let's go back a few seasons to Digimon Tamers with this year being Tamers 15th Anniversary, it is a no DUH that Bandai would do a 15th Anniversary D-Ark just like the Adventure and Zero 2 Digivices. now the ones that are getting release is Takato's and Rika's Digivice and I bring that up since with these Digivices they have both Megidramon & Sakuyamon in silhouette. Pre-Orders will start on July 22nd and will be sold each for $60.00 and shipped January of next year. If this does well I assume we might get other Tamer Digivices like Henry's  Digivices and also Takato's golden Digivice and even Beelzemon Digivice. 

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