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Friday, May 13, 2016

Power Rangers's Legacy Ninja Megazord & Red Ranger Helmet

Sources: Tokunation

So today on BBTS (Big Bad Toy Store) we have our very first look at our Legacy Ninja Megazord and also a Red Ranger helmet that can be use for cosplay purposes. NOW just looking at the Ninja Megazord this one does not look like you can pose it as much as the Thunder Megazord BUT... BUT I do think that could be a good thing because while the Legacy Thunder Megazord was poseable their was a lot more problems like clips not working looser joints on a lot of pieces, the red dragon Zord neck not holding poses and finally the leg guard you had to take off to combine with the Tiger Zord (and then their was also a leaning problem and this Zord not using BOA's Zord Builder Ports). So with all the posing gone and a much more simple transformation I can safely say that this will indeed be more sturdy and more long lasting then the Thunder Megazord. ALSO I guess this means that Tor is getting skipped then, no once cares About tor.

Both items are set to be ready to buy in November of this year just in time for the holiday season. no price yet for either items but will report as soon as possible.

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