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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Digimon Universe Applimonsters a new Digimon Season?


SSSSOOOOOO....... UUUUMMMMM YAH this came right out of nowhere. Well after all this is a rumor so I guess that could explain everything. You see yesterday when Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was announce yesterday (at the making of this Blog post) in the same post there is also now a Digimon Series is in development as well  called Digimon Universe Applimonsters.

The article (and website) says "Said to be an Autumn 2016 collaboration between Bandai, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Toei Animation, Universe Applimonsters is supposed to encompass a toy line, TV anime series, and video games". So what I am getting from this is that this is sounding like a Digimon Amiibo/ Skylanders thing where you have collectible mini figures and connect them to a game. Now we are a little bit half past May right now which means soon enough come June is when the Tokyo Toy show (think Toy Fair but for Japan) will happen and that is when Bandai will show off this new information for this. And this article also it will premiere in Autumn which means the fall season just in time for Christmas just like with Kamen Rider.

NOW THEN if this really is a Digimon Ammibo thing then this could possibly be the highest grossing Digimon toy line yet since I think since Frontier no other Digimon season has had ever had good toy sales since then. And I hope this could work out in the end which means that we still get more Digimon with also Tri at the same time. I think I will do a further thoughts on this matter soon enough to fleshed out this new Digimon season out more because I have things I want to voice my option on this new Idea. 

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