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Monday, February 27, 2017

Digimon Tri: Loss Review

YUP we are now already HALY WAY THERE done with Tri movies and SO much stuff was in this movie so let just start this review (I could not come up with a proper intro this movie).

Part 1
Tri Loss begins with begins with something different. It begins with the original Digi-Destined, yes the very first original 5 Digi-Destined are here. Which also confirms that both Maki and Daigo really were MAYBE the original Digi-Destined which is not concrete evidence of that now. ALSO even Daigo had GOGGLES! Wich really does make Masaru the only one not to have goggles. The original Digi-Destined are fighting aginst THE DARK MASTERS!? it's been forever since I last watched Digimon Adventure so I thought that the Dark Masters were created when the Digi-Destined left the Digital World, AGAIN I could be wrong. The Dark Masters are about to finish off that is until Maki is possessed by the light, the same light that possessed Kari from Adventure.

I should now talk about the original Digi-Destined Digimon partners now. From what we see they are Megdramon with Maki, Loaderleomon for Daigo and the other 3 are Hippogriffomon, Orochimon and finally Triceramon. Miraculous instead of them about to die they are turned into the Digimon Sovereigns. Although The Digimon solvers have no prior form (except for Orichimon becoming Ebonwumon, that is fact from DigimonWiki). Megadramon is the only one who does not become a Sovereign but instead becomes a ball of energy that defeats the Dark Masters.

Back to present day, the Adventure Digi-Destined's reunite with their Digimon. it goes surprisingly well as they all get along with one another quite well, well that is except for Sora Yokomon. The reason why is that Sora steps on Yokomon's hair which she gets mad at her. This is Sora's arc in the movie Sora trying to be best friends with Yokomon again well that and also 1 more thin.

Sora needs to take better care of herself and yeah it was more so said in the previous movie and she just needs to express how she feels. Which is true for her charter since Adventure thinking about other people before herself. Now Yokomon/ Biyomon seem harsh to Sora in the movie BUT it's understandable, I mean first impressions are an important thing. And if someone steps on my head for of course my first impressions are WHY you bastard? It's made only worse when everyone is getting all buddy, buddy with one another while Sora and Yokomon are at a strange relationship.

In some bushes, Meicoomon sees all of the Digimon with their partners and she feels sad and wishes that Meiko was with her still. The others see Meikoomon but she escapes. Tai decides that although she caused a reboot the others are determined to after her for Meiko's sake, and Part 1 ends with everyone going back into their Rookie form.

Before I begin part 2 I should say this, when everyone is eating I swear in this scene Izzy was saying how awesome Oolong tea is. It felt like I was watching a commercial for Oolong Tea and just how amazing it is to drink that stuff.

Part 2
Agumon on a log, nothing of importance at all. But just looked funny to me.

Meicoomon is still upset that Meiko is there with here and goes in a berserk-like state which somehow summons a Machinedramon (more on that in a moment)? He attacks, Tai and the others just assume that there Digivices would make their Digimon Ddigivolve, but nothing happens. Machinedramon shoots at the Digi-Destined's but instead of dying for some reason, they are all transported away from one another (for some reason). And this is where the title of this movie comes from, Loss as in like the TV show Lost! Although I never saw a single episode of lost, mostly due to never being a fan of JJ Abrams and his whole Mystory Box gimmick he has. and when everyone is separated Maki arrives in the Digital World for some reason.

Digo is wondering where Maki is to ask where-where Meko strumbled upon that Maki has been working on trying to reboot the digital world. The reason why Maki is doing this is because she wants her partner Tapirmon back. Maki has been feeling this way for partly forever because when both Daigo and Maki were adults in college she was looking for a way to bring back Tapirmon. Daigo tells her to just stop and move on with like, he can't bare to see her like this. He feels sorry for her and he asks why can't h be her new partner? Increasable sappy line yes and even maki makes fun of this line, but I like it and they also date.

Hackmon appears to tell Daigo that balance between the Human World and the Digital-Word are now in danger. Gennai is now corrupted and he is the one now in charge of maintaining the balance between everything. Maki was the one who insisted the reboot and as such because of that Ygdrasil will do whatever is necessary to stop here.  Why yes I did write Yggdrasil as Ygdrasil because for WHATEVER REASON THE SUBS I WAS WATCHING did not add in an extra G for Ygdrasil. ALSO, I swear if the final boss in the Tri movies is Yggdrasil I am going to flip over my computer desk.

Part 3
Meikoomon sees Sora and Miko and tells them to get away for she is an unstable killing machine. This is made worse then Digimon Emperor arrives comes and reveals himself and he is actually a The Corrupted Genni. Genni then gets to Sora and... LICKS HER FACE, THIS SCENE. THIS SCENE RIGHT HERE. That scene just put a sour taste in my mouth when I first saw it I could not handle it. Biyomon saves sora and even sora is surprised by this, and so everyone else meets up with one another as well. This is because when Meikoomon ran away she created a distortion ironically where everyone was and so everyone meets up with one another soon after.

Everyone escapes to a ship where they need time to recover but the Corrupted Genni arrives to attack them all and matters are made worse yet when Metalseadramon also comes to attack everyone. In this moment of them all regrouping and going to the 2 of the Dark Masters, is finally Biyomon finally is kind to Sora after being saved by her,. so the 2 are now partners.

Part 4
At this part of Tri Maki finally sees Tapermon once again after not seeing him in forever. But Tapermon does not recognize who she is and something SNAPS in Maki. She's has been working on this project for God only knows how long and it was all for nothing. And now because of what she has done she has doomed herself and the Human World now
Biyomon want's to protect Sora and Warp Digivolves into Hohomon. Where we get a NO JOKE, 6-minute long sequence of just seeing Digivloutions including 

Tai and Matt are aginst Metalseadramon but now fall into the water. Both Agumon and Gabumon go to get their friends and with both of them having a strong relationship they Warp Digivole defeating Metalseadramon. Although Metalseadramon death here is nowhere near as awesome as his death in Adventure.

With the others, Machinedramon gets Sora and NOPE, Sora is DEAD GUYS! Or at lease crippled from the waist down worse. Because Machinedramon putting so much pressure on Sora's body should have killed her but NO it leaves her fine as is.

 6-minute long SEQUENCE OF DIGIVLOUTIONS with Hohomon, Herculsesekabuterimon, and also FREAKIN SERAPHIMON! YEAH, I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER GUYS! And the reason why is pissed me off is that it is not a simple Warp Digivloution sequence but showing each initial Digimon in that sequence, I MEAN WHAT HAPPENED TO JUST WARP DIGIVOLVING? I SWEAR if they don't do that in the final episode I will get pissed! Also, there was this 1 guy who told me that Hohomon only had 2 wings, BUT NO Hohomon does have all 4 wings. Just that the animators were lazy animating the other 2 wings (BIG DIFFERENCE). 

So The movie ends with Corrupted Genni creepy (AGAIN) and killing Meiko. Except but not really because NEXT MOVIE! And Meikoomon Digivolving into Meicrackmon and presumably going to the human world to destroy it.

Over Digimon Tri: Loss is a 3/5
 Digimon Tri gets better with each passing movie, on the grounds that the 2nd one was OK but added nothing, and the 3rd one fumbled in its execution. let me get with the bad first. That scene with Genni licking Sora again just felt so wrong. How Did Meiko get to the Digital-World? sometimes the art in this movie was off at times, like with Tokomon eating a sandwich and it disappears, or how 2 dark masters switch spots in the begging (see the opening to know what I mean). Or we are still not getting answers on things.

BUT ALSO This movie felt just right, what I mean by is that every single episode in this movie had something going for it. and not 1 single moment of filler.

Part 1 had the revelation of the original 5 Digidesign's. Part 2 have the revival Mechinedramon Separating everyone. Part 3 have the team separated and trying to get back with one another, and the truth of Ken is a corrupted Genni. And finally, Part 4 had Hohomon defeating Mechinedramon and Meicrackmon going to destroy the human world.

This is better compare to all the other Tri movies where there is at lease 1 fitter episode in the movie, or the movie is just stretched out with some things going on in them or nothings going on in them. everyone acted how they should with Tai commanding, Joe wanting things to go smoothly, and Sora having feelings and also here finally having a say for herself. 

Seeing we now have a face for a villain in Tri is refreshing because up to this point all we had were nameless Digimon attacking the Digi-Destined's got pretty boring at this point. seeing the original Digi-Destined's was awesome to see (which now debunks that the Frontiere kids were the original Digi-Destined's (which only I have brought up from the looks of it). and I really can't wait to see how Maki will be from here on out, THAT WILL BE SOMETHING TO SEE ALRIGHT!

Now The REBOOT... I will get back to you on that one, I know it seems like a copout but I need to see the rest of these movies before I can properly judge that, to be honest. Also the 02 kids, yeah nothing of them again, all we see is the D3 and that's it really. Which I have come to expect from Tri at this point (which is now sad for you 02 fans out there). Although with the Reboot happening I am pretty sure they are all dead now? But, not like it matters or anything like that SINCE Jesmon is in the movie. So I assume he could just bring them back to life so the 02 kids can have their own Tri movies. Becuase Jesmon can do anything.

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