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Friday, February 24, 2017

Digimon Tri Movie 5 Poster

Sources: With The Will

Today was the release of the 4th Digimon Tri Movie and as expected there is a poster at the end teasing the next Tri Movie, Digimon Tri: Part 5- Symbiosis, or Paragenesis, or even Union, because of Japanese Text and translations are never accurate. On the Poster it has a picture of both Kari with NOT Magnadramon But instead is Ophanimon in her Falldown Mode. With Kari is Meiko and also Mmeicoomon's presume Mega Digivolution which is a giant Hulking Cat Monster with Wolverine claws. the only thing about this is that this will be release in 2017 also but other than that nothing else on date and day has been announced. 

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