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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger confirmed for Skip?

Toyfair 2017 was today and at Toy Fair, there was an interview with Bandai about some things regarding toys (I will link you to the full Q&A right here). Basically, what the Main thing I want to talk about is.
"Have you taken a look at Kyuranger or Zyuohger for Power Rangers 2019?"
"We’re still awaiting a final decision, but the cubes from Zyuohger won’t be workable."
WHICH I am pretty sure is an indicator for a fact that means that the 40th Super Sentai Doubtsu Sentai Zyuohger will indeed, for a fact shale be... SKIPPED! You may call me a Zyuohger Fanboy for just reporting this I don't care but... THIS... THIS... I MEAN.... GAH! Really when they say that the we "Cubes from Zyuohger won’t be workable." What they really mean is that they can not work with the Zord Builder system. Which is just LAZY in saying that, but then again Bandai of America is pretty Lazy in almost the last 2 years most of their Zord stuff have been repaints when that budget from said repaints could be used to make the zords themselves much better in both paint and quality control. But they don't care since really all of Bandai of America put all of their budgets into their figures.

Yeah just think about that, with the Ninja Steel Figures they have improved significantly since the last year's Dino Charge Figures, while the Megazord has diminished Significantly in quality in just this year alone. BUT NOW I THINK I HATE THEM. Even the Legacy Figures are super over the Legacy Megazords beca
use the Legacy Ninja Megazords has Zord Builder ports with Dicast, but the Ports themselves are not Dicast just plastic. Before this, I was fine with Zord Builder Ports because little kids will connect with Megazord of the past with the Megazords of today. 

And You Know for a fact that Zyuohger will get skip for sure now for a fact that there was no gimmick, Bandai of America will not have Zord Builder in the Zord, No Zordbuilder gimmick for the Zords themselves means harder to sell the toys, harder to sell toys mean less money and Less money means both Saban and Bandai will lose money, which means both Saban and BOA will just play it safe with adapting Kyuranger instead of Zyuohger. 

I just needed to vent out on this blog post and if you think I am in either the wrong or just over reaction with a click bait article then let me know and I will make sure that this won't happen again.

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