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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Digimon Tri: Confessions review

WELL this one took a long time to make but, yes I finally got it just before Tri-Part 4 came out, So let's begin shale we. Digimon Tri Confessions is the longest part out of all of the Tri movies being 5 parts longs and may I say it's also the saddest part of Tri as of now. What do I mean by that you'll see the short intro, YES but I just want to start this review.

Part 1

Pat 1 begins with when a plane crash lands, both Daigo and Maki talking to one another about Meicoomon, Daigo is saying since Meicoomon was infected why not tell everyone else sooner about her? Maki just ignores him and leaves for another meeting (we will get back to Maki soon enough). At the school where the Digi-Destined are at, I was thoroughly surprised that we had some conclusion to Mimi's little arc from the previous movie. Her classmates telling her she did a fine job and wished they also did the same thing as Mimi. But where Mimi is feeling better about herself Meiko feels horrendous after Meicoomon killed Leomon.

After that, both TK and Kari actually going to Ken's house and asking what is up with him. Which actually Surprise me. Seeing that it is just NOW that some of the adventure cast are asking about the Zero 2 cast. Truly a Surprise since it has now taken a total of 3 PARTS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AT ALL IN THE SLIGHTEST!

This is also where we get some information regarding Miko Dad. Miko's Dad works at the same foundation where both Daigo and Maki work at. This is also where Miko found Meicoomon as a child and her father said that Meicoomon was a special Digimon. But they are now working on something called Project R (as in Reboot), so ends part 1. I know for a movie being 5 parts long, nothing that significant is here (in fact I took things later on in the movie and put it in this paragraph.) but after this part, this is when things start to become serious.

Part 2

It begins with Izzy sleeping and feels a bit responsible because of him working all night long to try and make sure no one is infected. But what happens next... is... when TK goes to see Patamon in Izzy office again he sees that Patamon... is infected! When TK sees this it only gets worse when Patamon bites TK arm (YIKES TK be grateful it isn't Tokomon). Tk asks Joe what if the Digimon are infected? With Joe replied with them having to fight them. TK Takes Patamon home with him thinking everything will be alright.

But no. Patamon knows that he himself is infected and Patamon says finish him off if he does attack his friends. WHICH yeah this is pretty depressing. A charter who was basically a guardian Angels that saved his Tamer and all his friends from harm will now be killed because of a virus. Until you realize that "WHY CAN'T TK TELL IZZY PATAMON IS INFECTED"? I get it he doesn't want anyone else to kill Patamon but he could at least tell Izzy and the 2 could have had worked on something tougher to fix this. All of the Digimon get out if the building because Patamon got out and they all want out as well and they do so... without getting spotted... or taken back inside the office. Kari then gets a phone call but then transformers he into Light Kari from Adventure. Which is a good segway for?

Part 3

Light Kari explaining to the Digimon that because of this infection The digital world and the human world are in grave danger. If the digital world is infected and die from the infected Digimon then humans lose their electronics and same for the other Digimon not infected. To avoid this it is time for Project Reboot. When Kari is about to fall down Maki saves Kari from falling and also says that the Reboot is last ditch effort. The Digimon all realize this and they then they spend 1 their partner and even telling their partner that they are infected. And all the while Izzy can not do a thing to try and stop this infection.

part 4 

No time is wasted with Meicoomon attacking Tokyo, so Greymon, Ikkakumon, Birdramon, and Togemon fight Meicoomon but Meicoomon suddenly Digivolves into Meicrackmon that just shakes off everyone like they are nothing. So the new plan now is that they will try and get Meicrackmon into this portal from where she came from. Angewoman and get Meicrackmon into the portal where she came in Patamon wants to go and fight even though TK does not want him to but Patamon goes off and fight Meicrackmon.

Meiko also arrives to help but does nothing to help at all. This is where they find out that Miku and Meicoomon came to Tokyo Meicoomon was the one carrying and spread the virus around to everyone. Immediately it starts to take its toll on all the other Digimon by infecting them all. The only one not infected by this is Greymon and the just arrived Kabuterymon. When Izzy was preparing for the reboot Izzy also planned to make up this backup for all of the Digimon to have some of their data saved but proves to be futile with even Greymon getting infected. The only hope left now is 

Tentomon going HerculeseKabuterymon getting Meicrackmon and just as the clock is about to reach 0 he says to all of them open your eyes and they do and they group huddle and this is where they all go into the portal tougher when the clock hits 0. Not even making it to the safe zone at all. Thus making the reboot occurs and concluding Part 4. (Ironically this movie occurs roughly when Appmon was just about to air, so the Reboot Idea is like a meta meaning in that way).

 photo snapshot20071109140122.jpg
WOW I mean WOW they actually went through with this I mean the only reason I think it affects me so much is probably because I watched and grew up with Adventure as a kid and see this as an adult is just so depressing. Especially more so since the Digi-Destined themselves also grew up just like me this makes it even more depressing. This was like seeing my childhood heroes die right in front of me. But I do have a question for you guys if you are either a Digimon fan but did not grow up with adventure or then please let me know if you felt sad during this movie? I would generally like to know do you feel sad watching this at all or nothing in the slightest? If you want to have an even sadder experience than listening to the end theme of this movie "Don't say Good Bye". So much water works from my eye

Part 5

1 week since the Digimon have left and everyone is still sad from the event and everyone is starting to the movie on. Izzy is still the only one still constructing on trying to get to the digital world soon everyone regroups where they all agree to go to the digital world again, which might be permit. They ask Mekio to go with them but her guilt from infecting everyone Digimon is still too great, and as such, she can not go with them to the Digital World.

As the Digi-Descends are about to go through the new Digital World Maki comes to show that she has Ken's D3. YEAH for some reason she has Ken's D3 and a D-terminal (I say a D-terminal because I am pretty sure he did not have one in the shown itself). Although the glaring problem is NO ONE ASK WHERE KEN'S DIGIVICE CAME FROM OR HOW SHE GOT IT!

When the 8 go through the through the new Rebooted Digital World they are in the fight between both Alphamon and believe or not also Jesmon! after escaping the battle between the 2 everyone sees their Digimon partner. But the DiIgimon themselves not knowing who they are at all.

The final show in the movie is both Ken and Maki tougher but it's not really Ken it's Genni! Now, this was a legit Twist that no one and I does mean NO ONE SAW COMMING unless your AO that is who surprisedly was right in his theory video!

Overall Tri Condessions get's a 3/5 it was a satisficing watch... BUT MAN it fumbled a number of times in its execution.

Now the name of this movie tagline is Confessions which I believe is Meiko saying that Meicoomon infected everyone. BUT it's only brought up only near the end of the movie. not to mention it feels only lampshaded for a while instead of being a foreground thing.another thing that got to me was TK. TK not telling anyone that Patamon has the virus to anyone is a problem, he could have had Izzy made one but it would have had been too late and not in time to do so and as such like that really bogged it down for me there.

Finally, another personal problem I had was Agumon just wanted more snacks in this whole movie which got annoying real quick. For being the longest of the Tri movie this sure did not feel like it accomplished a lot in this movie series itself.

But with all that said This was still a good movie to watch. Again they actually committed with this dire situation where the Digimon would either be corrupted monsters or Digimon not know who their partner even because of the Reboot. It felt like a bit of my childhood was getting torn apart from the inside. I mean clearly, they will be going like Mega again with Tri Loss having Hohomon on it. But what I can say that it was effected to approach with what it did.

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