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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Digimon Tri Blu-ray/ DVD Pre-Order and Price now available

This just in from With The Will about the Digimon Tri Blu-ray and DVD, you can now pre-order them on The Price for the Blu-ray DVD combo is $25.00 while the DVD by itself is a simple $15.00. Which is pretty cheap and you should really just get it to help support more Digimon Releases by Shout. Shout has not said anything regarding if there might be any special features regarding this Blu-ray/ DVD just like the Japanese Blu-ray (because that came with a poster, a pen, storyboard animatic, and other things I will save for a future blog post). Shout Factory is doing an amazing Job with the American distribution of the Digimon Blu-ray. I personally do hope they maybe also Import the Digimon movies as well (not THE Digimon movie because Fox still own the Right for that just like how they own the rights for the 2 Power Ranger Movies).

Link for the 2 are here
Blu-Ray/ DVD 

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