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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger to get new episodes made by Korea?

Sources: Tokunation

This is a... SHOCKER for sure. In Korea, the run of Kyrouger or Power Rangers Dino Force has finished airing BUT it is getting a 2nd season, YES a second season made by Korea because it was so successful in Korea. which is when there were new suits of the Kroger's from way back when this is what those suits were made for, a power up version of them, and even a brand new Kyou in, with a Gatling Gun Head. 

So this at the very lease will be inserting (and I already have more faith in that this will do good than whatever the Neo Saban show is doing already). which leads into my next point, this guy on twitter (@willyjcoesaid the following "If fucking Korea can commission more sentai footage, then I never wanna hear that America is limited by sentai footage ever again...". Which Yeah he's right, Saban in the past and to this day STILL have been cheap and if KOREA is willing to do something like this you would think that Saban would do this, especially next year being POWER RANGERS BEING 25 YEARS OLD! Well regardless if this show is good or bad at the very lease this looks like something interesting.

NOW when this came out it screwed up my review schedule because I was all ready to review both Zyuranger and Kyrouger's back to back but now this happened and I think I could do something fun regarding how there are 3 versions of Kyrouger. so YEAH my review schedule is all screw up now. 

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