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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Digimon Tri Blu-ray/ DVD box art reviled

Sources: With The Will

Today we now have our first look at the Digimon Tri Blu-ray/ DVD cCover art from Shout Factory, and it's awesome. The cover art on the box is the Tri reunion poster just with the Digimon Tri Logo and the word Reunion on it. Which is a  box art then the Japanese cover art, the Japanese cover art was just Tai and Matt just standing around. While here it's the poster with the Tri Logo on the box. Which that also is better as well since it was white text while here it is white text and also a blue background (Orange and Blue reference to Tai's Digivice maybe?) and also just small to the corner. Once again the box art Shout Factory has made is just spectacular and I commemorate them in a job well done. Very much looking forward to talking about this in its own blog post review. 

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