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Thursday, April 28, 2016

another new looks at Elizabeth Banks Rita Repulsa costume


pr rita79
Some time ago we got our first image of what Elizabeth Banks would look like as Rita Repulsa in the 2017 Power Rangers movie. Needless to say it was very mix with some liking it, hating it, and others (including myself) thinking it might be foreshadowing for the squeal with the Green Rangers. AND TODAY we have new Pictures of Elizabeth Banks as Rita in a different outfit. And it's SOMETHING! I can say that for sure.

pr rita70 e
this is an somewhat inserting design since this does make her look more like a witch sorceress, I use that in a very loose meaning because it looks like she is wearing a bunch or rags on her. And yah it's a more reviling suit as well with that open cleavage suit as well so, BOOBIES.

pr rita82
And even more for relating to that is a picture of her kissing our Pink Ranger for the film.

Now also we got an image of Rita's staff for the movie which is Loki's staff from the MCU movies just melted is all (and a slight bent to give it almost the looks like her original staff).

Now finally the last thing of note is a picture of our Red Ranger for the film, and i bring it up because while writing this post I just saw that the Rita stunt double has green hair in this new costume, I wounder what this could mean. 

I can already just like before this will be a mixed one with people hating it, loving it, ETC. or don't really care until they see ranger and monster suits. Now that's a good transition because there is word right now we will get our look at the suits once production release official images. But time can only tell when that will happen tho.

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