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Monday, April 18, 2016

Super Sentai Artisan Kakuranger's Doron Changer

Sources: Tokunation 

Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer Large
With the release the Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler from Zyuranger the next one in the Super Sentai Artisan is the Doron Changer Kakuranger (and for some reason the Aura Changers were spiked WOUNDER WHY THAT IS).  However the Doron Changer here will be in very limited supplies with it only being 6,000 units, so get this as soon as possible if you can or else it looks like you will never have a chance to get them again. The set is also priced at 10,584 Yen or $100.00 basically and will be release in September of this year. 

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